Chocolate Notes

The enormous chocolate market of today – both as a beverage, confectionery and in baking – has a long and fascinating history. Apparently traces of a chemical found in chocolate where found in ancient Mayan burial ground in Belize and some estimate the origins of chocolate to go back more than 4000 years!

Used by ancient central American civilisations as a drink and even as currency in bean form, modern soldiers as nourishment in rations and considered at some points in its long history to be a medicine with ‘cure-all’ abilities; chocolate’s appeal does not seem to be fading.

Funnily enough, it seems from our researches that for many years ‘chocolatl’ as it was then called was only a beverage (and an expensive one) and not in bar form – an innovation that awaited the developments pioneered by Messer’s Fry, Van Houton, Cadbury, Lindt and Nestle during the 19th century.

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