Hot Chocolate Sachets

Suppliers of prime hot chocolate sachets from the Gracio Hot Chocolate range. Gracio is a British hot chocolate success story and the brain child of the Hardwick family for to foodservice and cafes.

Gracio brings together many years of sourcing expertise and foodservice hot beverage market knowledge to offer powerful and focused branding on quality hot chocolate sachets and hot chocolate drink products in other handy formats.

At present there are 3 types of Gracio Hot Chocolate; handy 1-cup drinking chocolate sachets called Gracio Luxe which comes in 23g and 30g size portions and Gracio Fairtrade 1-cup sachets and an exciting 1 kilogram tin format called Gracio Gourmet; the latter is a different formulation and very high cocoa content make-with-milk product with 40% cocoa content.

Gracio Luxe Hot Chocolate Sachets are an exceptionally versatile hot chocolate drink mix in a convenient 1-cup portioned sachet. The Go-Large version of Gracio has a 30g portion instead of the standard 23g portion. It is designed for 12oz cups or mugs. The Gracio Luxe chocolate mix can be made with hot water only or hot water and hot milk

However Gracio Hot Chocolate does not stand still! New ideas and hot chocolate sachets are constantly under review; email us for free samples of Gracio hot chocolate sachets.

Call us on 01324 617618 to discuss your needs or request samples.